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Warrandyte State Park Journey

It has been a challenging couple of days in various ways for the students. Walking in the rain with full hike pack created some hazards on the slippery tracks. All students coped very well and developed their navigation techniques.

Mountain Biking Session 2 - Aug '18

Congrats to our current middle school outdoor ed group! They completed their second MTB session to and around Lilydale Lake Bike Skills Park.

Mountain Biking and Horse Riding - August '18

The year 12 Outdoor environment studies group have reached the end of their OES camps this week.

Central Australia Tour 2018

We had another awesome trip to Central Australia last term.

Compass and Duke of Edinburgh Master Chef Challenge

Having over 25 students cooking trangia stoves altogether is quite a challenge, but we made it!

Cathedrals Ranges Hike Camp

What a Camp!!!! This was certainly the "icing on the cake" for the groups’ semester's experience in outdoor ed. I was extremely impressed at their concentration and support of each other’s learning levels and abilities throughout the two days.

Year 12 Outdoor Environment Studies Baw Baw Experience

Our year 12 group ventured up to both sides of the Baw Baw National Park; the side which was the watch catchment area leading down to the Thompson Reservoir and the other side the Baw Baw Ski resort. Our focus was to investigate the health of these environments; analysing and evaluating the impacts.

1000 Steps and Tree Tops Adventure

by Clare Rayner On Thursday 10th May our middle school outdoor ed group got rugged up and prepared for the expected wet, cold and windy conditions. The students were excellent! They were very well organised and was ready for all conditions. We were extremely lucky, we walked up and down the 1000 steps before the dark, showery weather started. We saw Lyre birds, cockatoos and a variety of nature proving that we were experiencing a healthy environment. The students continued to face their challenges as we climbed at the tree tops centre in Belgrave. There are a variety of heights and climbs the students could tackle from Green through to the Black lines. All students tried very hard and conquered the majority of obstacles on the black lines. Great job by all – looking forwards to the next trip; our Cathedrals overnight experience.

Middle School Kayaking Day - March '18

by Clare Rayner What an action packed day on the Yarra River – all students made it down the river coping with rapids, rocks and in some cases masses of water ending up in their boats. Students were extremely helpful and supportive towards each other learning. I certainly feel the majority of student’s demonstrated growth in their ability to control their kayaks and read the movement of the river. Fantastic work looking forward to our next day in May, 1000Steps and tree tops adventure!

Duke of Ed and Compass Award Students 2018

by Clare Rayner Well done to our Duke of ed and compass students! They have made a positive start to the organisation and running of their award. The majority of students have already starting logging their hours in the chosen activities for Physical recreation, Service and Skilled section. We have completed our first after school walk. All students made it along the a section of the Warburton Trail. A great afternoon was had by all!

Eildon Tour and Cathedrals Rock Climbing - March '18

by Clare Rayner The Great VCE Outdoor and Environment Studies Experience Our students have just return home after completing a mammoth 28 hours camp. All of our senior students embraced this experience combining the theory knowledge with the practical skills and experiences. After a full day at school we packed and departed for Eildon Dam – we walked the dam, tracked the pathway of the water and cooked our evening meal alongside the wildlife. All students took the initiative; they cooked, cleaned and constantly worked as one group. They were building their individual resilience, but developing a group identity setting up tents and camp after dark with minimal issues. They continued this respect and responsibility into the rock climbing adventure up at a tricky cliff face section of the Cathedrals Ranges National Park. Many students were extremely fearful and cautious to begin with, but yet again they got fully involved, connected with each other and the instructors and achieved many difficult climbs and Abseils. I could not speak highly enough of our group, many students constantly stepping up with “Gusto” extending their learning and abilities, meeting fears and challenges. Great job to all – looking forward to our next camp in 3 days hiking the Alpine Trails in May.

Mountain Biking Sessions - Term 1 2018

Middle School Outdoor Education – Mountain Biking Sessions Over the past 2 weeks, our middle school group has been working on embracing a different activity for many of the students – Mountain Biking. Certainly not without its risks we have been working on simple bike handling skills around school and then extending them to riding in various situations: roads, cycle tracks, single track around the lake, over obstacles and finally the Lilydale BMX track. All had their ups and downs and excitement. I was extremely impressed with our middle school group. They have totally excelled themselves, managing their bikes, themselves and responding to various challenges along the way. These students clearly adopted the nature of outdoor adventure activities, really wanting to extend themselves and have a go at things they do not normally find comfortable. Well done, our next activity is Kayaking in a couple of weeks - please return all permissions and the Kayaking medical form as soon as possible.

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