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The Compass and Duke of Ed Student Cooking Challenge Continues

Our Compass and Duke of Ed students continue to work in areas of their award, completing their physical activities, skills and services around their homes.

Sustainable Campfire Cooking Experience

Well done to the students for their excellent behaviour, respect and application during our cooking on the campfire activity held on Monday 22nd June. It is always our passion to complete as many activities as we can in the outdoors, so we organised the cooking of jaffles, spiced apples and obviously marshmallows with a camp fire.

Exploring Our Close Outdoor Space

During the first half of this term while we were all working from home, I ran an activity to encourage students and staff to all get outside for a period of time.

Middle School Outdoor Education - March '20

Well done to the students in Middle School Outdoor Ed for their great work during our recent mountain bike sessions!

Cape Otway and Surf Coast Walk

Our small Gold group of students attended this activity and completed some excellent work full of respect, responsibility and excellence.

Studying the Bunurong and Cape Liptrap Coastline

What a class of stars! Everyone applied themselves throughout the camp, whether it was helping with equipment, supporting others over difficult parts of the hikes, supporting friends when cooking or working around camp.

Kayak Paddleball and Celebration Afternoon @ Lilydale Lake

It was a fitting end to a busy year for all of our Award students. Students from Year 7 through to Year 10 worked alongside each other; it was great to see.

Expeditions @ Mt Stirling and Craig’s Hut

Congratulations on the group's achievements over the last few days. It is always a tough job to carry all of your gear on your back and camp for three nights, but to carry it non-stop up and down hilly terrains and be self-sufficient with cooking, cleaning and navigating is quite an achievement.

Cathedrals Ranges Hike Camp - '19

Well, we returned from our final Outdoor Ed experience this semester. Overall the students have made a considerable journey through their high ropes, kayaking, biking and now hike camping experiences this semester.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader

Congratulations to Ms Clare Rayner, Duke of Edinburgh instructor for her official recognition as an award leader in the State of Victoria.

Kayak Paddleball Session at Lilydale Lake

It was game time! The Outdoor Ed students had the opportunity on Wednesday 6th October to adapt and use their paddling skills and put them into a new up-and-coming fun activity.

VCE Big River Rafting Camp

White Water Rafting is quite a demanding activity, physically as well as mentally; students must always be switched on to read the river and recognise the direction of the current and positioning of any rocks.

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