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Year 11 Food Studies - Catering for a Small Scale Catering Operation

Year 11 Food Studies were involved in running a small scale catering operation as part of their assessment. Their design brief was to produce a range of suitable food items to sell for supper at the school production of Wizard of OZ. They did a great job and I was very pleased with their enthusiasm.

Monster Milkshakes

Café Culture students had a great time keeping up with latest Café trends by making fabulous Monster Milkshakes.

Education Week - Japanese in the Café

The café is embracing Education Week by offering a Japanese menu this week.

Chanel High Tea Appreciation

A very big thanks to all the cafe culture students at Lilydale Heights College and Anne Wilkins for all your amazing assistance in getting this Mother's Day Chanel dessert table together.

High Tea with Coco Chanel

Valleydale Cafe invites you to high tea with Coco Chanel

Top Designs Exhibition Success

A very big congratulations to Summer Jenkins whose Food and Technology folio, one of only twenty eight students, was shortlisted into the Top Designs Exhibition.

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