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Visual Arts

Layered Paper Compositions - June '20

Photogallery of Middle School layered paper compositions

Leaf Monoprinting - June '20

Photo gallery of Middle School leaf monoprinting

Silhouette Painting - June '20

Photo gallery of Middle School silhouette painting

Pinhole Photography - June '20

Photo gallery of Year 7 Pinhole Photography

Artists of the Month - Feb '20

Junior School – Jessica Dixon – Photogram

Middle School – Demi Kapetanios – Sculpted Book

Senior School – Maddy Trimboli – Still Life Drawing Experiments

Photograms by Year 7 Students 2017

The photogram represents a unique art form requiring only the action of light on a photosensitive substrate. By placing objects onto a piece of light sensitive paper in a darkroom, students can use an enlarger to cast light onto the paper and capture the silhouettes of the objects.

Visual Arts

View the world through various lenses and from more than one perspective

Remixing Imagination - Year 12 Studio Art Exhibition

The annual Yr 12 Studio art exhibition is on again and is held this year at the old Dick Smith store at Chirnside Park Shopping Centre. We were generously donated this space through Kimberly Place Community Centre and we greatly appreciate their continued support of our school.

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