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Principal's Report - November '18

The end of year examination period is well underway across all year levels. Year 11 students have now completed their examination period and the Middle School exams have begun.

Principal's Report - October '18

Welcome back to Term 4. The weather has begun to warm up and festive thoughts loom ahead. Students have settled into the work routine and preparations for the end-of-year examinations are well underway.

Young Entrepreneurs Program

A select number of Year 10 students have been granted the opportunity to complete a two day workshop with Cameron Greenwood, creator and director of MONSTA Surf.

Pride in Government Schools

On Wednesday September 19, Lilydale Heights College hosted the Regional Director and Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education, Judy Rose and Bruce Armstrong.

Principal's Report - September '18

Another term has flown by, the days are longer and the weather is warmer. Lilydale Heights College continues to be an active learning environment where learning and extra curricular opportunities continue to be presented to students by highly committed staff.

Principal's Report - August '18

Term 3 has an uninterrupted focus on teaching and learning. Students are busy in all classes where teachers are actively involved in challenging their learning and developing an environment where students are encouraged to extend themselves.

Principal's Report - July '18

The term has started smoothly and students have settled quickly into the learning routine.

Principal's Report - June '18

Welcome to winter and a very busy, yet cold time of the year. The last month has continued to be filled with many academic and extracurricular opportunities for students in and around the College.

Principal's Report - May '18

Welcome to winter and exciting times at Lilydale Heights College! The recent state government announcement is very positive news for the whole community and investment in infrastructure will complement the great learning work already being undertaken in the classrooms.

2017 Senior VCAL student Award

by Rosina Fotia, Principal Congratulation to Sarah Bast from the class of 2017! Sarah is the winner of the 2017 Senior VCAL student Award.

Principal's Report - April '18

Welcome to Term 2, I trust that everyone has had a restful Easter period and is enjoying the beautiful autumn weather we are currently experiencing in Melbourne. This term promises to be very busy and includes events such as: NAPLAN, Work Experience, Open Night, Examination periods, Self-Evaluation, Attitudes to School Survey and reports.

Principal's Report - March 2018

by Rosina Fotia, Principal How quickly the term has passed! Once again there has been no end of activities that student have undertaken throughout the term, both in and out of the classroom. Students and staff have engaged in academic, sporting, artistic and social pursuits in a very busy term. Learning Focus Students in Years 7 and 8 have completed OnDemand testing. Teachers are now using this data in their planning sessions. Data allows teachers scaffold the learning for all students to ensure that students needing extension are identified and that their learning needs are met. In addition to this, students needing support with Literacy and Numeracy have also been identified and supports for their learning have been put in place. Curriculum Day Friday March 9 was our first curriculum day for the year. Teachers worked in faculties over three sessions during the day. The main objectives achieved on the day included: New Science, Maths and English subjects in Years 9 and 10 New VCE Study Designs in Health & Human Development, Legal Studies, Media, Outdoor & Environmental Education, Physical Education, and Product Design & Technology Documenting Writing-to-Learn and Substantive Talk strategies that improve students’ subject knowledge as well as their writing and conversation skills Educational Support staff also used this time to confirm their goals for the Performance and Development process. Thank you to Tracey Green and Tim Chapman for their work on this day. Ota Daiichi Visit Our sister school visitors (nine students and two teachers) arrived on March 9. They were kept very busy during their stay at the College: undertaking visits to Lilydale Primary School, meeting with the Mayor, visiting Phillip Island and participating in studies in an Australian school. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of our College community. Thank you to those families who hosted our guests, staff who welcomed students into their classes and the organising committee led by Isabella Phillips and including: Kerry Barrett, Penne Evans and Michelle Pezzimenti. Year 7 Camp The Year 7 Transition Camp to Phillip Island is now completed. The camp was action filled and reports from staff and students indicate that it was a great success. Teachers’ jokes were poor. Activities were plentiful but most importantly, students have returned with newly developed and consolidated friendships. Peer Support students also joined the camp and lead a series of beach activities with students. Congratulations to the camp organisers, Mr Bryce Denny, Mr Henry Lees and all supporting teaching and ES staff who helped make this transition activity such a success. Welcome Courtney Croxford (Adolescent Health Nurse) Lilydale Heights College is pleased to welcome Courtney Croxford as the new Adolescent Health Nurse at Lilydale Heights College. The Adolescent Health Nurse focuses on reducing negative health outcomes and risk taking behaviour of young people, through the implementation of health promotion activities and interventions. This may involve supporting health teachers deliver health curriculum, running student workshops in response to a health need within the school and assisting students in accessing local health providers. Professionally, Courtney is a Registered Nurse and has a Masters of Health Promotion. She has spent the last five years working both clinically in hospitals and running health programs in primary schools, endeavouring to educate and empower people to make healthy life choices. Whilst Courtney will work closely with teachers to identify and develop programs to support young children at risk, she is available to work with students one on one. Parents wishing their child to access support can do so by contacting Emily Gerson (Student Wellbeing Coordinator) on 9735 1133. Attendance - Every Day Counts!! We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day. Students develop good habits by going to school every day – habits that are necessary to succeed after school, whether in the workplace or in further study. Missing school can have a big impact on students academically and socially. It can affect their test results, including VCE & VCAL, and, just as importantly, it can affect their relationships with other students, and lead to social isolation. There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes. Each missed day is associated with falling behind in subject topics and assessment tasks, and lead to fewer subject choices and may impact on achievement in Years 11 and 12 and post-school pathways. Being away from school for 1 day a fortnight equals missing 1.5 years over 13 years of school. It’s never too late to improve attendance. Even in the middle years, when school can seem the most challenging for students and when attendance rates can be at their lowest, going to school more often can make a big difference. Every day counts. Harmony Day This SRC ran its first free dress day for the year and celebrated Harmony Day. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values. The College embraced the day and the SRC must be commended for its efforts. Well done! Practice Evacuation Drill The Department of Education and Training (DET) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students and staff. In order to ensure that this is the case, each school develops an Emergency Management Plan. A critical part of that plan is the planning for and practice of evacuation and lockdown drills. The College undertook a practice evacuation drill this month. The drill went very smoothly and the students’ response to the situation was impeccable. KidzMondo coming to Yarra Valley KidzMondo is an international edutainment concept, designed to provide a complete solution for children in a unique indoor theme park. It is a kid-sized city that is created with the intention to impart knowledge through playful learning. KidzMondo Yarra Valley, located at the Tech School site, will play a pivotal role in adding value to the role of our existing educational institutions. This will occur through edutainment (that combines education with entertainment and fun), with the aim to deliver careers and financial literacy experiences for children aged 4-14. I was present at the official signing of the contract with the Minister for Education this month and look forward to its anticipated opening late this year. ![3](/storage/app/uploads/public/5ab/b0e/854/5abb0e8547b6e589367107.jpg I wish everyone a wonderful Easter break and look forward to Term 2. Enjoy the break.

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