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Year 7 Foods - Fruit Kebabs

Sep 14, 2021

0by Kerry Hall

7C students have been making fruit kebabs at home as part of a Common Assessment Task. Part of the brief was to research attractive ways to cut and present the kebabs. I think Michaela and Ivy both have bright futures as food stylists!

A second requirement was a sensory analysis of the kebabs from a bank of words describing food. Once again Michaela blitzed this with a paragraph worthy of a food magazine!

My fruit kebabs were vibrant and eye-catching with their colour, and they looked extremely appetising after I created them.

The fruit kebabs smelt ripe and fresh, which was invigorating after some difficult school work. The pineapple added a nice sharp edge to the fruity smell.

The kebabs tasted juicy and sweet. The more zesty fruits mixed with the sweet fruits made the kebabs very well balanced!

My fruit kebabs had both crisp fruits and melt-in-your mouth feeling fruits as well. Every fruit was syrupy and delicious!

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