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Year 7 Camp Wrap Up!

Mar 29, 2021

by Ivy Connor and Imogen Mason, Year 7

Year 7 Camp to Phillip Island - it is one of the first big events of high school with new friendships formed and memories made that will be kept forever. We were all pushed out of our comfort zones, had a lot of fun and the opportunities for camp activities were endless. Amazing highlights from camp are most likely the camp activities. At “The Island” camp, you were never bored and the camp had their own activities that you could do, like the trampolines and normal ball games that would give you the opportunity to meet new people. At camp, you would be put into groups that would encourage you to meet people and have fun. Activities you could do were things like the flying fox, the giant swing, bike rides around the camp, a photo hunt, archery, rock climbing, the circatron and the pool.

Not just that, but the food there was AMAZING! They camp staff were simply wonderful; kind and caring and would always care for everyone, not just the kids but the teachers too. Each night was another great meal that was put together with care and kindness. But after dinner we wouldn’t just get ready for bed, we got to do night activities too. The first night we set out to go to the Penguin Parade to watch cute penguins come to the shore. The second night we went on a peaceful night walk through Cowes. And on the last night at camp we had a disco and if you didn’t want to party, you would watch a movie instead. One day during camp we had the Year 10 Peer Support class come down from school and run some activities on the beach which was great fun.

Sadly we had to leave, but that camp was amazing and we all enjoyed it and we all loved it, including the teachers!

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