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Dec 05, 2022

School Bus Program

A large percentage of students catch the bus to and from the College each day. The College is serviced by a full network of school contract and public buses from a diverse range of areas in the Yarra Valley and from the nearby metropolitan areas and this is used by many students at the College.

Our helpful staff on bus duty supervise the students arriving at the College in the morning and leaving at the end of the day in our designated bus pick-up and drop-off area. Early in Term 1, Year 7 teachers escort students to the bus shelter, assisting them to catch their allocated bus.

Regular users of the School Bus Program would benefit from purchasing a Victorian Student Pass.

Contract School Buses

These buses are available to students who generally live over 4.8km away from their closest school and are enrolled in that school. Students who typically live in the Yarra Valley region have access to these contract buses. Eligible students can travel for free while ineligible students need to purchase a half yearly or yearly myki card to access the service.

PDF Icon School Bus Program - Eligibility guide for families

When travelling on a school bus, parents/guardians and students need to be aware that carrying their bus pass at all times is essential. Students will be refused travel if they do not have their bus pass on them.

Contract School Bus Routes

Warburton Highway Direction

PDF Icon M4.1 | Yellingbo – Seville – Lilydale
PDF Icon M4.2 | Yellingbo – Seville – Lilydale
PDF Icon M06 | Seville – Wandin – Lilydale
PDF Icon M07 | Seville – Lilydale

Silvan – Mt Evelyn Direction

PDF Icon V24 | Silvan – Lilydale

Yarra Glen – Healsville Direction

PDF Icon Z15 | Badger Creek – Lilydale
PDF Icon Z16 | Healesville – Yarra Glen – Lilydale
PDF Icon Z17 | Chum Creek – Lilydale
PDF Icon Z18 | Dixons Creek – Yarra Glen – Lilydale
PDF Icon Z19 | Healesville – Badger Creek – Gruyere – Lilydale
PDF Icon Z20 | Healesville – Gruyere – Coldstream – Lilydale
PDF Icon Z21 | Healesville – Castella – Toolangi

Conveyance Allowance

In some rural and regional locations e.g. Coldstream, students may receive a Conveyance Allowance to assist with travel costs. Allowances are available for public transport, private car and private bus.

Web Link Icon Conveyance Allowance Program

Public School Buses

Public School buses are run very similar to contract school buses. They only have school students on board, and they arrive directly to the school. Students do NOT need to apply for a seat for public services, they can just tap on/off the bus with their myki card when they are using the service.

Public School buses for Lilydale Heights College include below services:

PDF Icon Z24: Healesville - Yarra Glen - Coldstream

PDF Icon LS: Warburton - Lilydale

Invicta Buses

We also have Invicta buses that run to and from our school. These buses only take school students and only require a myki for tap on and off. For timetables and route options, please see the Ventura website for more information.

Web Link Icon

Public Buses (PTV)

Public buses are available for students living in suburban areas such as Croydon, Kilsyth or Mooroolbark. We recommend that you use the Public Transport Victoria website to plan your trip to/from Lilydale Heights College.

Web Link Icon Public Transport Victoria Journey Planner

Web Link Icon Public Transport Victoria FlexiRide

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