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Active participation

Lilydale Heights College promotes health and wellbeing through active participation. Our College is one of the few that offers a comprehensive Sport Education Program as well as Physical Education classes. All sport classes are student centred and geared towards maximising participation in physical activity and improving skill levels.

The Sport Program allows students to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to strengthen their sense of self, and build and manage satisfying relationships. The structure helps them to be resilient, and to make decisions and take actions to promote their health, safety and physical activity participation.

Year 7 and 8

Students in Year 7 and 8 are able to choose a different sport each term and train for their chosen sports once a week. Regardless of ability, our students are encouraged to participate in various sports and compete in interschool competitions.

Students are exposed to a range of skills and drills to enhance their efficiency in that sport and increase their understanding of numerous sports. This sport specific focus has seen high achievement at interschool sport level in sports such as softball, baseball, cricket, volleyball, basketball and hockey, to name a few.

We are the only school in the Yarra Valley district to offer a specific Sports program for all Year 7 and 8 students providing opportunities for all.

Beyond Year 7 and 8

Beyond Year 7 and 8, we have a high participation rate in all interschool sports. Students are able to sign up and represent the College in their chosen sports. We ensure these teams are made available to participants of all skill levels and experience a lot of success.

All students participate in whole school sporting events such as swimming, cross-country and athletics where the College teams are selected for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Sports Competition.

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