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Silver and Gold Duke of Ed Practice Exploration

by Clare Rayner

Well done to all our students on their weekend hike held earlier this month; they ended up walking over 50km for the whole weekend with their back packs; walking up and down over difficult terrains and river crossings. Their exploration requirements were not only to be self-sufficient in terms of their food and equipment, but also to support themselves and navigate around the routes.

The students were faced with the challenge of exploring the rivers around Lorne from the waterfalls through to their routes to the oceans. They tracked along the Eskines River, the Pantom Falls and St Georges River and then the Surf coast walk on Sunday. The students were extremely supportive of each other; they listened throughout their reflections and made supportive improvements for the walk on Sunday.

At camp the students demonstrated some excellent cooking and camp craft skills. When they noticed they had missed something, they made a mental note to remember it for their assessed experience and moved on. Finally, they were extremely responsible and receptive to instructions! I thank them for making it a wonderful weekend where they will have made some cool memories of places as well as experiences.

I look forward to helping the students extend their final Silver/Gold experiences at Mount Buller/Stirling Camp in April. Great work by all!!

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