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Principal's Report - March 2017

by Rosina Fotia, Principal

Hello from China once again. I am currently part way through a visit to China, travelling with the Department of Education. The tour has taken us to many cities in central and eastern China including Xi’an, Beijing and Shanghai. This has been a wonderful opportunity for Lilydale Heights College to be represented on an international stage and for the benefits of the Victorian Education System to be shared across the world.

College Council

Parent and staff representatives form an integral part of all College Councils. They help provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school. College Council elections for 2017 have been completed. Thank you to departing College Council members Mrs Laura Di Gregorio and Mrs Lisa Walsh and welcome to new and returning members Mr Domenic Colaneri, Mrs Cathy Skinner, Mrs Lynda Nel, Mrs Karon Austin, Mrs Leanne Panton-Michaud, Mrs Danielle Burgham and Ms Dorianne Oliver. Ms Shannon Sargeant, Ms Emma Steeper and Mr Michael Waddell are the elected staff representatives on College Council and Ms Tracey Green and Ms Fiona Purcell join Council as Community members. Executive positions on College Council have also been determined for the 2017 school year. Congratulations to the following position holders:

  • College President: Mr Domenic Colaneri
  • Vice President: Mrs Danielle Burgham
  • Treasurer: Mrs Leanne Panton-Michaud
  • Minute Secretary: Ms Tracey Green

Annual Implementation Plan

The Annual Implementation Plan: for Improving Student Outcomes (AIP) is a detailed plan encompassing strategies and other significant projects that will be put into operation, monitored and evaluated in the College over the next 12 months. This plan aligns with the College Strategic Plan and has been approved by College Council. The key priorities for the 2017 school year include:

  • Building the capacity of teachers in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Improving Curriculum and Assessment Practices.

Learning Focus and Curriculum Day

Wednesday March 8 was our first Curriculum Day for the year. Teachers worked in faculties to cover three sessions during the day. The main objectives achieved on the day included:

  • Ensuring all lessons are based on explicit learning intentions and success criteria that allow students to take ownership of their learning;
  • Incorporating Writing To Learn strategies into lessons aimed at improving students’ understanding of topics as well as their writing skills;
  • Ensuring our curriculum plans align with the new Victorian Curriculum that came into effect at the beginning of 2017;
  • Professional Learning on supporting students with learning difficulties.
  • Educational Support Staff also used this time to confirm their goals for the Performance and Development process. Thank you to Tracey Green and Tim Chapman for their work on this day.

Ota Daiichi Visit

Our sister school visitors arrived on Friday March 10. They have, once again, been hosted by our supportive families. The eight students and two staff were formally welcomed to the College at a whole school assembly held on March 14. Kerry Barrett organised a range of activities for the students and teachers, including a visit to Lilydale Primary School and a visit to meet the Mayor of Yarra Ranges. Lilydale Heights College is proud of its longstanding relationship with Ota Daiichi High School and values the benefits this relationship brings to students, staff and the wider communities associated with both schools.

Visit from Gill Callister

Gill Callister, Secretary of the Department of Education, visited the College on March 14. As Secretary, Gill manages and leads staff to deliver and improve early childhood, school education, vocational and higher education services across Victoria. Gill was visiting the school to hear from students, first hand, their experiences as a part of the Yarra Ranges Technical School Pilot Program. Year 9 students, Kai Martin, Matthew Burgham, Sophia Clune and Faith Williams represented the student cohort at the meeting. The secretary was keen to engage our students in conversation regarding their role in the pilot robotics program being run at the new technical school. Thank you to all the students involved.

Student Leadership: CFV Program

Four of our Year 10 students attended a three day camp sponsored by Cystic Fibrosis Victoria. Hannah Smith, Rebecca Nel, Gen Bowen and Tayah Griffiths were nominated by staff as suitable representatives earlier this year. The camp raised awareness of CF but also aimed to develop leadership potential in all candidates. Reports back from the students has been very positive and they are looking to hold a free dress day in Term 2 to help raise funds and awareness of CF in our community.

Student Achievement

Congratulations to the following two students on their recent outstanding sporting performances:

Zane Wheeler won a bronze medal in the Victorian Athletics Championships for his age group. Zane has now qualified for the Australian Championships that will be held in Sydney this month. Congratulations Zane and we wish you all the best with the Australian Championships.

Isabella Theophanous-Maddison won the age group championship award at the recent Yarra group Swimming Carnival. Isabella won every event in which she competed. Well done Isabella! An outstanding achievement!

Victorian International School Student Welcome

Congratulations to Kane, Tony and Lena, three of our International Students who attended the welcome reception at Government House this month. They were exceptional ambassadors for our College and International Students across the state.  I wish everyone in the College community all the very best for the upcoming break. See you all again in Term 2.

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