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Principal's Report - April '20

by Rosina Fotia, Principal

Out of Adversity comes Opportunity – Benjamin Franklin

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the whole school community on their commitment and resilience over the past few weeks. Circumstances have tested us but our resilience and collaboration have highlighted the potential we showcase when we work together. Staff have worked tirelessly to mobilise and prepare for remote learning while students, with the support of their families, have been accessing their Remote Learning Tasks, interacting with staff and completing set work in a range of different study environments. The College has moved into a stable learning structure and this can only be accredited to the resilience of all community members. We, as a collective, should be very proud of the outcomes attained.

Importance of Routine

Once again I would like to reiterate the importance of maintaining structure in our daily lives as we work and study remotely. Hints to support students and families include:

Establish a routine - this is important to keep you on track, otherwise the days can just disappear without you achieving anything! You should include: a regular time to rise in the morning, regular meal and exercise times, time to complete schoolwork, time to responsibly connect with friends online and time to complete your other home based leisure activities.

Set up a timetable - this should be on display somewhere so that you can organise your day. Make sure it links with your school timetable on Compass.

Set up an area where you can work - make sure it is a separate area that you go to when you have to complete schoolwork. An area that is quiet and without any distractions.

Exercise regularly - when you exercise you produce endorphins which lift mood. Your Physical Education practical assignment may be part of your plan, but no matter what, make sure you stay active at home.

Mental Health - look after your mental health during this time. Connect responsibly with your friends online, chat with parents and carers and let someone know if you are feeling anxious or depressed; you will not be the only one feeling this way in these extraordinary circumstances. The College has included a list of contacts for your reference should you require further support.

OnPsych - Wellbeing Supports

In order to further support families, the College has been able to access support via onPsych. OnPsych is available to support school communities and can now offer Telehealth to our community 24/7 (this includes mental health support for the Corona virus pandemic), at school, home or any appropriate environment. Their team of Medicare registered Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists and Mental Health Social Workers are now available Australia-wide 24/7 for your child and family’s mental health. For additional information or support, or go to or alternatively email mailto:[email protected] for access to the referral pack.

Building Works

Building works continue on site and progress on the new sports stadium is promising. The concrete slab has been poured and steel structures will be erected in the next fortnight. Meanwhile internal walls in the new Staffroom and Canteen are almost complete. This is a fundamental stage in the creation of the new sustainability hub.

Class of 2019 News

Congratulations to Brooke Watson from the Class of 2019 who has just graduated from the ADF. The community is very proud of you. You have clearly displayed and continue to display Excellence, Respect and Resilience.

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