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Lilydale Heights College commenced its 1:1 Computing Program in 2010. Using personal student digital devices over several years, we have gained experience and adopted technologies to deliver transformative learning experiences through the One-to-World Learning Access Program.

Transformative Learning Experiences

The ultimate goal of the program is to ensure that all students have transformative learning experiences through universal access to personal devices and school based specialist technologies. The program creates vast opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and ensure students have access to the right tools. At the same time, it has a very practical, “real-world” approach to computer activities to prepare students for modern careers.

Adaptable and Fit for the Learning Purpose

  • Students use personal tablet or laptop devices for general learning activities.
  • The College provides access to more productive computers for specific learning areas such as Art, Media and Music.
  • Senior students may use approved companion tablet computers as well to enhance productivity and creativity. For example, they might use their companion devices for web-searching and reading, whilst typing and editing files onto their laptops.

Practical and Focused on Careers

  • Students use their personal computers with the same Microsoft productive software and technologies, which they would typically have at work.
  • Students are provided with Apple iMac computers, Logic Pro X and Adobe Creative Suite software for Art, Media and Music activities, which they would likely use in creative industries.

Flexible and Affordable for Families

  • We recommend tablet and laptop computers to you, which are competitively priced for educational institutions.
  • We may accept your family purchased portable computer as a BYO student personal or companion device provided that it meets our administrative and technical requirements.
  • We provide students with limited technical support at the HelpDesk and assist with warranty claims, as appropriate, for computer devices on loan from the College or bought through us.

Enrolling into the Program

Students wishing to take part in the One-to-World Program need to go through a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Get Informed about the Program

Read ICT Policy, Terms and Conditions of the Program. You will have to agree to them when connecting your device to the school network.

PDF Icon Acceptable Use for Internet, Email & Other Electronic Communications Policy

PDF Icon Terms and Conditions of the One-to-World Program

PDF Icon Office 365 Parents Information Pack with opt-out form

Step 2 - Choose the Right Device

Option 1. One-to-World with a Specified Bring Your Own Device (S-BYOD)

The College provides you with access to an online portal where you can buy a College recommended device and optional items outright or with finance. Please note that recommended devices are subject to change based on availability.

Web Link Icon LHC BYOD Purchasing Portal

Option 2. One-to-World with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) of your choice

The College may allow using a device of your choice at school if it meets administrative and technical requirements of the College as outlined below.

PDF Icon BYOD Information and Quick Specification Reference

If you need more information Microsoft has a good advice on choosing a device for your child.

We consider BYOD as an option for families that feel that they already have a suitable device or believe they can source a computer more suited to their student’s targeted studies. If you are not sure what to choose go to Option 1.

In some cases, the College may provide you with a loan computer to use for learning activities when your regular computer is unavailable.

PDF Icon Information about the short-term computer loan

By default, we provide only basic technical support to integrate your device into the school technical environment. If you select Option 1 we will be able to assit you with warranty claims and repairs as well.

Step 3 - Enrol Your Device to the Program

Go to the College BYOD Configuration Portal and follow the below instructions to enrol your device in the Program from home, in the library or at the helpdesk

PDF Icon BYOD Enrolment for Windows-based devices

PDF Icon BYOD Enrolment for Macbooks

PDF Icon BYOD Enrolment for iPads (strictly as a secondary device only)

If you have issues with connecting your device to the school network or operating it at the school please attend the College Helpdesk at lunch or recess time.

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