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Sep 10, 2016

Learning about the media

The volume of media consumed by students increases every day, from social media and advertising, to the more traditional forms of television, film, and radio. Media Studies allows students to unpack the messages they receive and read them for their multiple meanings.

  • Year 7 students will focus on representations within the media
  • Middle school students will learn about how podcasts and documentaries convey messages to audiences
  • VCE students explore narrative texts for their construction and meaning; they also deconstruct texts for their social values and influence.

Media Arts supports students to view the world through various lenses and contexts. They recognise the significance of Media Arts histories, theories and practices, exploring and responding to artists, craftspeople and designers and their artworks. (Victorian Curriculum).

Creation of texts

Students also have the chance to be the creators of media texts, interacting with a diverse range of media technologies to make their own products.

  • Year 7 students will create short video texts, as well as interesting photo series
  • Middle school students will create their own documentaries and sounds products
  • VCE students create a range of narrative film texts, as well as many other media products (e.g. photography, print, sound) exploring representations

In Media Arts, students create visual representations that communicate, challenge and express their own and others’ ideas, as both artist and audience. Students utilise techniques, technologies, practices and processes with images, sound and text and become increasingly confident and proficient in achieving their personal visual aesthetic, and appreciating and valuing that of others. (Victorian Curriculum).

Additional opportunities

In addition to this, the Middle School class plans and runs two exhibition days throughout the year

  • A Documentary Day in Semester 1, to celebrate the achievements of the class with the rest of the Middle School students
  • A Film Festival in Semester 2, to showcase both their documentaries and other outstanding film work from throughout the year. This festival is free and open to the general public!

Lilydale Heights 2015 Film Festival Winner – Best Film, ‘What is it?’

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