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Holocaust Museum Excursion

Apr 27, 2023

by Sophie Dunn-Famularo

This semester in our History class we have learned about the aftermath of World War I, the rise of the Nazi party and the stages of the Holocaust. We learnt of the punishments and reparations that were put on Germany and the victory of the Allies and how Hitler used the anger of the German people to grow to power in the government. We also learnt how the Nazi party exterminated 6 million Jewish people across Europe.
Riley E.

On Monday 3rd April, the two LHC Year 10 History classes visited the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. We arrived at the museum, and once we did, we gathered to hear a discussion about the definition of Judaism, The Nuremberg Laws and the history of the museum. After this, we were sent downstairs to look at artefacts from the time of the Holocaust. Some of these artefacts included passports, family photos, propaganda, postcards and maps used for people’s survival. These artifacts were used to show the mistreatment of Jewish people and how resistance, even small acts of defiance, helped fight back against the Nazis. After this we listened to and asked questions of a Holocaust Survivor, Sarah Saaroni.
Darcy F.

At the Melbourne Holocaust Museum we were fortunate enough to hear firsthand from a Holocaust survivor. Sarah was 97 but she amazingly still told us about her life and how she managed to survive. Something that I remember being told is that there is only one race - the human race - however, there are many different cultures because everyone is different and has their own beliefs.
Alma K.

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