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Hands on Learning

May 11, 2023

Hands on Learning is a practical school program that builds wellbeing, engagement, and attendance. It is a program that offer students a place in our school where they feel safe and connected.

HoL began at Lilydale Heights College in 2021 and over the last two years students have worked to create a space that they have made their own. It was fantastic to see the progress that has occurred in and around the HoL shed, transforming it into a space that students have taken ownership of and are proud of.

It is impressive to observe the shift in student attitudes and confidence as they are provided with opportunities to work on practical and authentic projects and experience a sense of achievement and success at school, while working to achieve their individual Focus Plans.

The recommended Shape of the Day is followed consistently, offering students routine and stability, and providing structure to their day. Students are responsible for cooking, serving and washing up, and they engage with each other and the staff in mature and respectful conversation while sharing breakfast and lunch together.

Hands on Learning provides the opportunity for students to experience success by participating in purposeful and meaningful projects. Students at Lilydale Heights College have contributed to the following projects:

  • Creating a space for HoL by clearing an unused shed, lining the walls with recycled wood from pallets, installing a kitchen, cabinets, furnishing the space with workbenches, lockers and seating
  • Repurposed and painted canoes as garden beds
  • Built vegetable gardens to grow produce in
  • Constructing, sanding, painting and varnishing vertical garden boxes, made from recycled pallets, then installing pallets on the exterior wall of the HoL hut
  • Beginning to lay the foundations of a new circular fire pit in the HoL precinct
  • Created square mosaic name signs lining the path in the HoL precinct
  • Refurbishing an old toddler’s picnic table, this project included sanding and painting, so that the picnic table looked brand new
  • Built individual small timber plant boxes to plant succulents
  • Screen printed the HoL logo onto T-shirts to create branded work gear for the team

Students look forward to sharing their projects and successes with the school and wider community.

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