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First Aid

Sep 09, 2016

Qualified First Aiders

Lilydale Heights College has a duty of care to provide First Aid to students and staff as required by the DET.

Qualified First Aiders are provided by the school during the hours of 8:15am and 3.40pm so that immediate attention to illness or injury is available to students at all times. All hold current First Aid Certificates.

The First Aid Coordinator can be contacted on 9735 1133.

Sick Bay Procedures

Students who become unwell or injured at school are to inform their teacher and report to First Aid with a pass from class, or during recess / lunch can attend themselves.

If students are unwell in the morning, it is best for your child to remain at home.

If it is deemed that your child needs to be collected, parents/guardians or your emergency contact person will be notified to arrange transport home. It is vital that the student contact details are kept up to date with the General Office.

Students are not permitted to ring their parents/guardians (via a mobile telephone) themselves or leave the school without permission.


If your child requires regular medication to be administered during school hours, parents/guardians are asked to contact the First Aid Coordinator prior with details. Written permission to the school must be provided with the medication, clearly labelled, and it will be held in the locked First Aid cabinet. The school will only dispense paracetamol with parent/guardian permission.

First Aid medical supplies are only issued for injuries/incidents that occur at school. Sports strapping or ongoing dressings for previous injuries will not be supplied.

PDF Icon Administration of Medication Policy

Asthma Management

Lilydale Heights College is an Asthma Friendly accredited school. Asthma Action Plan is required for a student with asthma or any other illness that may require First Aid assistance at school. Students with asthma are encouraged to carry their own asthma inhalers and spacers.

PDF Icon Asthma Managment Policy PDF Icon Asthma Communcation Plan PDF Icon Asthma Care Plan

The School Camp and Excursion form is to be completed by parents/carers of students with asthma prior to an excursion or camp. The form is to be attached to a copy of the student’s Asthma Action Plan and brought with students to the camp or excursion. Please provide as much detail as possible.

PDF Icon School Camp and Excursion - Asthma Update Form

Anaphylaxis Management

Students at risk of anaphylaxis are required to have a management plan developed prior to commencement at the College and reviewed annually, in consultation with the parents/guardians and medical practitioner. Prevention strategies for each student at risk of anaphylaxis must be developed for both in school and out of school settings.

PDF Icon Anaphylaxis Managment Policy PDF Icon Anaphylaxis Communcation Plan

Headlice Mangement

Headlice Policy is available for download below.

PDF Icon Headlice Policy

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