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English Lessons with the Suzhou Kunshan Visitors

Aug 09, 2017

During their English sessions with our EAL teacher, Ms Miller, our Chinese visitors enjoyed playing Chinese whispers and Celebrity Heads. They later created some entertaining short stories that included some of our well-known local natives. Here a few samples of their creative and imaginative contributions.


Long, long ago, there was a kangaroo family. There was a father kangaroo, a mother kangaroo and a baby kangaroo jumping in the grass. But then, the father kangaroo picked up a snake. “I want to eat the baby”, it said. “No”, said the father kangaroo. The snake was very angry. The baby was crying. It shouted, “help!”. Suddenly, the king of the animal world was there. The Koala. “Stop snake!”, he shouted. The snake was afraid and ran away. “Thank you, King Koala”, said father kangaroo.


A koala is sleeping in the tree. Suddenly, it falls from the tree. The koala wakes up and finds an apple. It eats the apple and continues sleeping. ZZZZZ.


The kangaroo is very lonely. One day, the kangaroo got to the river. And he saw another kangaroo in the river. It needed help. The kangaroo helped it and they became friends. The end.


Long, long ago, there was a kangaroo and a hunter. One day, the hunter wanted to shoot the kangaroos, but the kangaroos were very fast. The hunter didn’t catch it. The other day then on, the hunter and the kangaroos became good friends.


One day, a little kangaroo went to the park to fly kites. That’s a cloudy and sunny day. When he got to the park, he found that someone hurting the snake, and he went and put him away. Then the snake thanked him. Next day, the kangaroo flew the kite in the tree and the snake helped him. Finally, they become good friends.

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