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End of Year Showcase 2017

The Lilydale Heights College End of Year Showcase was held once again in October 2017 at the Karralyka Theatre in Ringwood. The evening included performances by all of the College’s Music Ensembles, allowing all of our instrumental music students an opportunity to display the incredible skills to which they have dedicated so much time and effort all year.

The Showcase was, of course, a roaring success, with audience members raving about the high standard of performance shown by the ensembles as well as the exceptional entertainment value of the items performed by the students.

Of course, no major event such as this can occur without one or two “less than ideal” situations presenting themselves. The most difficult obstacle to overcome at this year’s Showcase was (once again) having to farewell our most senior and dedicated students as they begin a new chapter of their lives, having successfully completed their secondary schooling. We wish our graduating musicians of 2017 the very best in their future endeavours and encourage them to continue to embrace their love for Music and the connections that it will allow them to make throughout the journeys of life.

Our College is so very proud of the commitment that our students show towards Music and we believe that it is this commitment that allows them to produce performances in which they can take so much personal pride. We would like to thank all of the students that give so much to the College Music Programme and to let them know that their own personal pride in their achievements and those of the Programme is echoed by all LHC Staff.

This year’s End of Year Showcase was a fantastic display of the heights of achievement that can be reached when students and teachers work together and take pride in their progress. Our College community offers huge congratulations to all staff and students involved in our spectacular 2017 End of Year Showcase. Well done!

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