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Challenging our Bronze Duke of Ed Students – Assessment Day

Dec 01, 2020

by Clare Rayner

The students had very warm conditions to add to their challenges for the day, but they did not complain. I, along with other staff, were constantly impressed at their support of each other and their energy to complete and participate in the activities. They totally embraced the simulated hike situation, carrying their large hike packs around through the morning activities.

Students learned how to use a compass to find the direction of bearings, as well as use maps to navigate around the school searching for check points. Campcraft and practicing with the tents and cooking proved to be interesting to watch; each group cooked a different meal. I feel sure that the students would cope very well out in the bush for an overnight camp situation.

Along with these tasks, students shone through with their teamwork and their support and acceptance of each other to help them achieve their tasks throughout the day. Our Duke of Ed assessor made significant statements to let us know how impressed they were with the group’s accomplishments; not only for today and their extending walk, but also for their resilience and determination to continue their individual sections of the Award throughout the Covid lockdowns.

Well done to all involved for achieving their Bronze Duke of Ed Award:

  • Liam Weir,
  • Jack McVay,
  • Gemma Giambalkaris,
  • Laura Dangaard,
  • Milayna De Graauw,
  • Katlin Ganya,
  • Thomas Burgess,
  • Edison McInnes,
  • Kane Parkinson and
  • Darcy Burke.

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