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Voice of 8 - Aug '22

Aug 19, 2022

by The Year 8 Team

On Tuesday 16th August the Year 8 cohort participated in the Voice of 8 Program, an initiative designed to increase student agency and awareness to promote positive educational outcomes and attitudes towards school. Students were offered a range of activities based on their interests and teacher expertise, including Self Care, Theatre, Sport/PE, Survival in the Outdoors, Japanese, Music and Photoshop.

Student voice and agency is exercised in this program by students being actively involved in co-designing the curriculum for the day. Teachers workshop ideas with students to deliver engaging learning programs and drive student investment and engagement in their chosen field. The day saw many feats from our talented cohort, such as lighting fires with flint and steel, baking and making masks, preparing bento boxes, designing game covers, running a sporting tournament, making and performing music, plus writing, producing and acting an entire play!

A huge thank you to the staff involved who committed their time and passion to the program and students. Also, we want to send out an enormous thank you to our wonderful Year 8 students for their positive participation! We hope you had a great day!

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