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Principal's Report - June 2017

by Rosina Fotia, Principal

Student Safety

Recently, I have been approached by Yarra Ranges Highway Patrol regarding pedestrian safety out the front of our College. This is a timely reminder for all students and parents to be mindful of the dangers when dropping off and collecting students from the front of the College.

Students share the road with vehicles so it is important they take care when crossing the road. Students must stay on footpaths wherever possible while adults in cars MUST always park and turn legally around schools.

Avoid dangerous manoeuvres such as U-turns and threepoint turns. Always give way to students, particularly when entering and leaving the drop off zones in front of the College. Always drop your students off and pick them up on the school side of the road in the College’s designated drop off zone.

Learning Focus/Professional Learning

The College commitment to Professional Learning has continued during June. Whole staff professional development on increasing literacy skills in students has continued. In addition to this, we have committed a team of three staff members to the Bastow Leadership in Numeracy Program and three staff members are undertaking the Curriculum Assessment Program, where the focus is on understanding the key components of powerful curriculum design.

Education Week is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools and early childhood services to showcase the work they are doing for students to help ensure healthy minds and bodies. Lilydale Heights College was no exception with many varied activities showcased across the school. These included: Laughing Yoga, lunchtime sports challenges, Art Club activities, special science experiments, Japanese Languages celebrations and our famous Breakfast Club. Thank you again to all staff involved in the organization of or support for these programs in and around the school.

Both Year 11 and Middle School students have now completed their mid-year examinations. Students undertaking a Year 12 VCE study have completed the GAT (General Achievement Test). The GAT is an essential part of the VCE assessment process, although the test does not count directly towards VCE scores. GAT results are used to check that VCE external assessments and Schoolbased Assessments have been accurately and fairly assessed.

Reports and Examination Grades

Student reports and examination grades will be made available to parents on Friday, June 30. They can be accessed through the Compass online portal. Student reports provide students, teachers and parents with a clear and concise picture of a student’s achievement and progress at a point in time. Teachers make informed and consistent decisions about student progress against the achievement standards using a variety of assessments and observations to inform their judgement. They map the student’s learning against the achievement standards, and place the student on the learning continuum, that best reflects the student’s level of performance and progress.

You may notice some changes to our student reports this semester, in line with the implementation of the new Victorian Curriculum in all Government and Catholic schools from the beginning of 2017. The Victorian Curriculum replaces the previous AusVELS curriculum.

As a result schools now have the flexibility to design their reports to show each student’s learning progress. We have endeavoured to provide a report that best meets the needs of our school community.

All students are able to progress along the learning continuum at their own rate and from their own starting point. Students are taught at the level that suits their needs, rather than just the year level and age group they are in. Teachers provide learning opportunities to support the learning for all students, including those students with additional learning needs or a disability.

Please keep in mind that as this is a new curriculum this report is not designed nor should be compared to previous years’ reports, however student progress in English and Mathematics will be shown in Semester 1 reports as these learning areas were introduced in 2016. For all other curriculum areas being introduced with the new curriculum, student progress can only be shown in reports from Semester 2, 2017 onwards.

Further information about the Victorian Curriculum can be found online at
or by contacting the school on 9735 1133.

Congratulations Seth Denny

Seth Denny, a 2016 Senior VCAL student at Lilydale Heights College received two prestigious State Education Awards at a ceremony held at Melbourne‘s Federation Square. Seth and our College had the honour of winning not just one but two of the awards. Seth received the School Based Apprentice Award and the Work Related Skills Award. Seth’s parents, grandparents and dignitaries attended the ceremony hosted by the Education Department. It was wonderful to witness the achievements and opportunities that the VCAL program provides to students, the community and the workforce. Lilydale Heights College is immensely proud of Seth and his achievements and must acknowledge the outstanding work and support Seth received from Ms Julie Byrne and Ms Marg Logan.

Cam Greenwood

On June 22, Lilydale Heights College students from Years 9 - 12 hosted a guest presenter named Cameron Greenwood. Cam’s vision for his life and his ventures were used as a platform to inspire and empower our students to live a life of passion and purpose and to ultimately be a light to the world. Cam created Monsta Surf, at just 18 years of age. He is blessed to have an amazing team around him that have owned the vision and made it become a reality in their own worlds, spreading the ‘live passionately’ message throughout over 40 countries world wide. Cam has also dreamed the Monsta Foundation into existence which has been utilised to fund life changing projects in Kenya, the Philippines and locally in Australia. The students were inspired by Cam’s message and keen to ask questions about his work and motivation.

Mid Year Showcase

The Music Mid-year Showcase, held on June 7, was an outstanding night of entertainment. Many thanks to all the families and friends who attended; your support of these young performers is pivotal to the success of the program. The calibre of performance was high and congratulations must be extended to 7C on their first public performance as a band. The success of this night is due to the commitment and hard work of many but particular thanks must be extended to Mr Tyson Barker and all the instrumental teachers working in the College program.

Congratulations must also be extended to Jess Cooban, Kimberley Buttress and Britney Jennings. These three talented musicians performed at the 2017 North Eastern Victoria Region Youth Concert at Hamer Hall in Melbourne alongside students from surrounding government schools. Well done ladies!

Congratulations Franc D’Couto

Franc D’Couto of Year 7 and his partner were recent bronze medal winners at the Junior Nage-No-Kata held on Monday, 12th June at JFA 2017 National Championships in Queensland. Franc was Tori and his partner Bebe was Uke. Well done Franc on your achievements and we wish you further success in your endeavours.

Athletics Day

The College Athletics Day, held at Proclamation Park this term, was a wonderful success. The weather stayed fine throughout the whole day and all competitors had an amazing time. Congratulations to Yarra House who were the runaway winners on the day.

Central Australia Tour & Music International Tour

We wish the Central Australia Tour and Music International Tour all the very best on their current travels. We look forward to hearing more of their adventures when they return in Term 3. The Senior Concert Band has been preparing extensively over recent weeks and is embracing all New Zealand has to offer as well as extending themselves musically through participation in workshops and live performances. Thank you to Mr Barker and Ms Phillips. Thank you also to Mrs Morley, Ms Wilkins and Mrs Raynor for their support and organisation of the Central Australia Tour.

Clearly this has been a very busy Term at the College. I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff for their tireless work and wish all members of our College community a safe and warm winter break.

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