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Middle School Skateboards & Tables - '21 Sem 1

Jul 10, 2021

0by Kerry Hall

Meet the designer: Chloe Homer

Product: Savoury Serving Board Dimensions: 40mm x 60mm


The savoury serving board is a multipurpose board that can be used as a platter for serving food and used as a cutting board in the kitchen. Made for my family to use when cooking and entertaining guests.

It’s made of jarrah, which is durable, has a high resistance to weather, and has decorative qualities, as well as Tasmanian Oak, which is easy to work with, dense and good for staining. The different dark and light woods create contrasting yet complementary streaks on the board that give it a bold look.

The board is finished with food safe wax that gives it a glossy and polished look with a smooth texture. The board’s overall style is a solid and well-made board with bevelled edges that make it functional but with some design.

This dog feeding table was designed and made by Brody Steele in Skateboards and Tables class in Semester 1. It has an Oregon top and pine legs and he used a jigsaw to cut out the holes for the bowls. A great example of practical design.


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