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First Nations of LHC – Aug ‘21

by Tanna Draper Nagas

It is a pleasure to showcase some of the fantastic entries we received for the NAIDOC Week Year Level Competition. Each student had to choose one task out of four options which reflected the Creation Story in our Town Square as told by Wurundjeri elder, Murrundindi.

The winners from the participating year levels will receive a First Nations authored book and a certificate. As we received a range of wonderful entries from our students, some students will receive a special acknowledgement certificate for their efforts.

Year 7

Competition winners: Gracie Smirl and Nikita Fairweather

Special acknowledgements: Maximus Petana, Darcy Mays, Josh Ring, Grace Roberts, Jemima Taebring and Jordan McCormick

Year 8

Competition winner: Alma Kerr

Special acknowledgments: Lylah Boulet, Natasja Lammertsma, Spencer Smith and Summer Hetherton

Year 10

Competition winners: 10C and 10B SELF!

Year 11

Competition winners: Bridey Withers, Kaity Watson and Noie Phetchana

Special acknowledgements: Olivia Ray, Jade Keogh, Keisha Fullerton and Tom Duff-Rankine

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